Sustainability & the environment

Wherever possible we do our best to use locally sourced timber, environmentally friendly products and to collaborate with local businesses without compromising on quality. All our hardwoods are sustainably sourced from Cumbrian forests by our good friends at “The Tree on the Hill” sawmill. They take wind blown, dead or trees felled for good reason wherever possible to ensure sustainability. Our birch plywood is also FSC certified from sustainably managed forests.

We use Little & Greene paints who not only provide a fantastic range of colours with durable finishes but have a strong association with the National Trust by producing ethically minded colours in keeping with British heritage. Naturally low in VOC, it is friendly to the environment, hardwearing and suitable for food preparation areas.

Our wide range of natural and tinted oiled finishes are achieved using Osmo oil. Which is not only suitable for food preparation areas but is an extremely high quality oil which brings out the natural lustre of wood while protecting it for years to come. The foundation of Osmo wood finishes has been based upon purified and refined natural resources which are carefully harvested natural oils and hard waxes.

Our resin inlay worktops use EcoPoxy who specialise in creating bio-based epoxies made from annually renewable resources and offer the world an alternative to traditional epoxy resins made from fossil fuels. Because of this, EcoPoxy products offer the safest and best epoxies to use.